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February 2021 - Exceptional Paper

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Diabetes Management Case Study

Select an appropriate person with diabetes from your health care setting or who you know outside of a health care setting. Choose a person whose diabetes is being managed with oral glucose lowering medications or insulin. The person may be any age, gender or nationality. If you have any doubts about the suitability of the client […]

Benchmark – Teaching Diverse Learners Presentation

Benchmark – Teaching Diverse Learners Presentation For this assignment you will prepare a 10-12-slide PowerPoint presentation on teaching techniques for diverse learners. Presentation Criteria: Prepare a plan for designing and delivering instruction that addresses both the needs of the selected population as well as other diverse students. Select a population that represents a type of […]


In ONE -Two paragraphs – Historical Events notes provided below, Blake is a product of an evolution in thought. Based on the Brief Biography of William Blake (and his art work!), Blake may be considered somewhat of a revolutionary in both thought and in action. Considering the information provided and, of course, the poem, who […]


reply to classmates post, 125 words each and 1 scholarly reference within last 5 years for each post 1 One variable that I believe is the most important to take note of when Im selecting a teaching strategy is my students. Heredity, culture, and past experiences have tangible effects on how students learn (Fressola & […]

Managerial Accounting

Case Study #3 ReportCase 4-29 Answer each question as if you were the managerial accountant for the company and are presenting to the company vice-president regarding the information requested in the case study. You must not only give the correct numbers but also explain to management what variable costing is, why variable costing is useful […]

Janmar Coatings Case Study

Please note that the questions you are required to answer are: How might one characterizer the architectural paint coatings industry and Janmar Coatings’ trade area?How might one segment Janmar Coatings’ market area?Which segment(s) represent opportunities for Janmar Coatings?What is Janmar Coatings’ competitive position in its market area?Which segment or segments should Janmar Coatings pursue?What strategy […]


at least 125words each and 1 scholarly reference for each within last 5 years post 1 I found a study that incorporated Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies to 70 educators who taught anywhere from Pre-K to college courses. UDL is a scientifically based framework that appreciates the diversity of all learners (Evmenova, 2018). Along […]

Memories of three forgotten tuba sonatas

My topic is Memories of three forgotten tuba sonatas. ” And I need a proposal for my thesis”(this is what i need). The following three sonatas and Bibliography must be included here. Here are three sonatas pieces. 1. Sonata for tuba and piano by Walter S. Hartley. 2. Sonata for tuba and piano by Robert […]

analytical paper

please follow the AnalyticalPaper1 instructions in the attachment. i do not have the full version of the movies that you need to consider, so i will post a link of a summary. please do not reference or mention the summary link on the paper. I Am Not Your Negro (Peck, 2016) Made in Bangladesh (Hossain, […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Now that you have dealt with your cashier Joe, you can turn your attention back to examining how profitable your concession stands are. This past week, several events were held at the venue. Some events were well attended, which resulted in long waiting times for food and beverages. Some events were not well attended, which […]

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