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February 5, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for February 5th, 2021

Low-Stakes Writing 2: Using SPACE to Provide Directions

Low-Stakes Writing 2: Using SPACE to Provide Directions Professional Engagement Assignment 4: Providing DirectionsFor this assignment, you are going to experiment with providing and improving directions to a classmate. First, you need to select a location within a 10-minute walking distance from your Jabs Hall classroom. Please make sure your destination is one your classmate […]

Business law

Reflective Prompt ABC Clothiers, Inc. has a contract with Taylor & Sons, a retailer, to deliver one thousand (1,000) summers suits to Taylors place of business on or before May 1. On April 1, Taylor receives a letter from ABC informing him that ABC will not be able to make the delivery as scheduled, but […]

How young people affecting American culture

Description What older attitudes/traditions are being passed on and which are being rejected?Who are some of the modern cultural leaders (artists, thinkers, writers, athletes) and how are they pushing the culture forward?What new things are being created that the previous generation doesnt get?

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The Wilt Chamberlain ArgumentRobert Nozick uses his Wilt Chamberlain argument to defend his entitlement theory of justice over a patterned theory of justice like that of John Rawls. Describe the Wilt Chamberlain argument in your own words. Explain what can be said in its favor. Raise at least one problem for it, and discuss whether […]

harvesting stem cells

Instructions: You have now had a chance to learn about stem cells and why they are so important to medical research.  You have also learned why harvesting stem cells is so controversial.  In this assignment, you will write an essay stating your ethical position on harvesting embryonic stem cells in several scenarios:  Is it ethical […]

Importance of Technological Advancement in Business – Business Capstone

APA Format, 7-10 pages, minimum 5 sources, and outline.  Outline: Provide all appropriate headings, and 2-3 summary sentences per heading.  Include Title page, intro, body – 3 heading paragraphs, conclusion, and reference/citations page.Paper: Include the importance of technology advancement, common challenges relatable to business administration processes, and how they can be avoided/overcome. Intro-Overview of technology […]

Research Proposal- Psychology Class

Assessment InstructionsPreparationFor this research, you will use the archival data from the GSS Data Explorer website to develop a research research question, develop a hypothesis, and analyze the data to draw conclusions. Navigate to the GSS website. GSS Data Explorer (2019). Retrieved from https://gssdataexplorer.norc.org/You will complete the following steps in the GSS website. For a […]

compare and contrast views of old south

use Faulkners “Rose for Emily” and Ellison’s “Battle royal”. The prompt: From your readings of Faulkners A Rose for Emily, Melvilles Bartley, the Scrivener, Hemingways Soldiers Home, examine the impact the narrator makes in EACH protagonists character development.  Consider this: Is there a central theme between each story or common character traits impacted by the […]

Module Project 2

In Microsoft Word, complete essay questions 1-5. For each question, write a thorough and well-reasoned response. 1. Discuss the roles of federal and state governments in health policy.2. Compare and contrast the operation of traditional economic markets with that of policy markets.3. Who are demanders and suppliers of health policies? What motivates each in the […]

Cognitive Therapy

5-7 pages + works cited page and an abstract Within the body of the paper please address the counseling approach making sure to cover its view of human nature, specific techniques, and role of the client and counselor. This section should be approximately 3-4 pages. The second section of the paper is reserved for your […]

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