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April 1, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for April 1st, 2021

Write a description

    Do not use citation      Check the sample file uploaded    Avoid plagiarism You must write a description of an object, mechanism, or process used in your field for publication in the magazine sent to employees and their families. (If you cant find an object or mechanism in your field, choose one you are […]

Gender and corporate finance: Are male executives overconfident relative to female executives?

1)    What are the key research questions in the paper? 2)    What data sources and empirical methodologies are used? 3)    What contribution does the study make to the literature or practices? 4)    Can you identify any weaknesses or limitations of the study? 5)    Can you think of any future research ideas related to this topic?

Reflection on how you see yourself using assessments in your teaching professional practice

Read at minimum of two scholarly articles, on using assessments in the classroom. Based on your readings and knowledge of assessments, write a 250-500 word Reflection on how you see yourself using assessments in your future professional practice. Be sure to address the following questions in your Reflection: What types of assessments will you use […]

Analyze the processes involved in computer forensics

Purpose The National Institute of Standards and Technology created the forensics hashing algorithm to determine whether data in a file or on storage media has been changed. This Assignment will provide information on how to process a public crime scene correctly. Assignment Instructions To process a public crime scene correctly, you must be familiar with […]

Labor Economic

Please pay attention to the paragraph highlighted towards the end.  What does Marx mean by exclusive sphere of activity in this passage What does he mean by which he cannot escape?  Why do you think Marx claims that the worker cannot escape the excusive sphere of activity?  What is your take on this paragraph? Please […]

TOK Question about Primary Research

Consider the following TOK question from the book (p. 378): “Given the complications of survey designs and sample size, can primary market research data ever be truly reliable?”AND, consider: if secondary data is just someone else’s primary data (“data that already exists”), how do we know data is valid?Find an article about market research (of […]

Toxic adenoma and Subacute thyroiditis

For your given pair (Toxic adenoma and Subacute thyroiditis), explain the pathology of each condition and describe how laboratory analysis can be used to differentiate the conditions.  You should explain what is physiologically occurring to cause the positive tests, and highlight normal results that are helpful to differentiate the conditions.

The Strategic Workforce Planning Process

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, Read Chapter 10 in the course textbook.Read the article 3 Keys to Closing Workforce Planning Gaps.Review the article Strategic Workforce PlanningA Vital Business Activity.Watch the Week 3 Assignment video above with Dr. Paula Zobisch, Program Chair of Entrepreneurship.View the video the Discrimination: Crash Course Philosophy #41 (Links to […]

Femininity or Masculinity

Spring 2021 Full SessionHomeSyllabusAnnouncementsGradesZoomPanopto RecordingsSmarthinking TutoringResearch HelpCircleInEssay #1 Due MONDAY, MAR 15 BEFORE 11:59PMDue Monday by 11:59pm Points 150 Submitting a file upload File Types doc, docx, and pdfFor this essay, I want you to develop a 600 word essay that address the following prompt. Please follow MLA 8th edition for formatting, including double-spacing, and […]


Project for Health Class You will create a 1-page research paper (typed double space 12-inch font) on any communicable or non-communicable disease.  You will pick the disease based off either the first initial of your first name or the first initial of your last name. (Ex. OConnor-Smith, since my first initial begins with O- I […]

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