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April 2, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for April 2nd, 2021

Leadership Essay

Show how you have read widely and are able to develop an argument using literature to support and challenge a point of view. Compare and contrast ideas. Dont simply summarise others work; make the thinking your own, showing clarity of thought including arguments or points well-supported with references (for this assignment, expect to use at […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

I need an introduction for ( The effect of different type of water on plant growth) The first source is water from the Elk river The second source is drinking waterThe third source is utility waterThe fourth source is distilled water ADD sources

Mini-Essay #4

Instructions According to each one of the authors this week, what are the particular challenges enslaved women face? How do they prove that enslavement is worse for women? Then, think about the intended audiences of each of these texts (they are similar but the communicator’s methods vary) and the message they are conveying to them. […]

Marijuana Legalisation

1-You can only use the links that I will provide here for my paper Here are the links for you to use for my paper. DO NOT use any other sources/links. Use only what I provided here please. Links for the databases: https://research.library.oakland.edu/sp/subjects/bysubject.php?sbj=515&name=Criminal+Justice https://research.library.oakland.edu/sp/subjects/guide.php?subject=CRJ4970 Here is another link of a book that you might find […]

business strategy

-page limit: 5 pages (approximately 1 page per question, double space) __________________________________________________________________________ Building on the case study General Motors and The Chevy Cobalt Ignition Switch Crisis, what would be your recommendations to the CEO for an appropriate communication response (crisis communication)? Using a company of your choice, how would you build up and implement a […]

followership and servant leadership

This writing practicum will assess the students ability to write a short essay comparing and contrasting followership and servant leadership.  The essay must meet the following requirements:  (a) Minimum of 250 words, no more than 750 words. (b) Font is Arial, 12pt. (c) Use standard margins:  One inch from the left, right, and bottom edges.  […]

Belly Of Paris (Novel) written by mile Zola

Develop an arguable and focused thesis about Belly of Paris. Be sure your thesis is an argument about meaning that you could support through an analysis of quotes, rather than a mere observation. Then list two claims and three quotes for each claim that you would use to support the thesis. For this assignment, you […]

Othello William Shakespeare

1. Is Desdemona entirely innocent? Or is there evidence in the play that Othello had cause not to trust her? 2. What does Desdemona mean when she says she detects a “fury” in Othello’s words? 3. How does Othello’s language (even in his last significant speech) differ from the language of Iago? 4. What does […]

How would the education sector change if governments were no longer involved?

Topic: How would the education sector change if governments were no longer involved? Conclusion/main thesis: how would the quantity of education provided and quality change. 1. provide at least three economic models to explain(at least two graphs, and better with calculation)potential options: (i) externality, the relationship between social benefit and private benefit, spillover effect.(ii) competition […]

Belly Of Paris *second half* (Novel) written by mile Zola

Post one discussion on the second half of Belly of Paris (350 word minimum). Your discussion post must include three things: –one quote from the text, with the page number (or chapter if you are using an ebook without page numbers); –your analysis and interpretation of the quote you choose; –one question you have about […]

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