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April 12, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for April 12th, 2021

Music-Graphic Transcription Assignment

Assignment: Choose a one-minute segment from one of the following works: Noname, Self; tUnE-yArDs, Bizness; Delta 5, Mind Your Own Business; and Nina Simone, I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free. To insure that your TA can precisely follow the timings in your score, please use the versions of these songs […]

Music therapy/Guided Imagery/ Spiritual Therapy/Paint Therapy

Music therapy and paint therapy are gaining importance and more health care professionals are recommending and prescribing this type of complementary therapy. Please go to www.und.edu (The University of North Dakota) and review their Music Therapy classes. Enter Music Therapy in the search box within the und site.  The university has a major called Music […]

Family Policy through a Human Rights Lens

Chapter 18 of your text reviewed social policies that focus on individuals and families across the domains of family formation and family care. It then analyzed family policy through a human rights lens and identified areas of injustice and inequality that families face. Finally, the chapter discussed the lack of access to healthcare that families […]


Choose one of the main traits associated with leaders identified in our readings and videos. Can this trait be developed, taught and improved or is it fixed and unchangeable? Explain. Identify two people, a widely known public person and a person you know personally, who both demonstrate this trait. How does it serve them in […]

Engineering project production outside of United states

Assume that your senior design project (or choose a project related to your senior design project) is going to be manufactured in another country. Using the studies provided in Engr 195a/b as a background, write about one of the topics below, and compare it for two countries outside of the United States with very different […]

Artificial Intelligence

1. Discuss the contemporary issue of Artificial intelligence as a topic2. Discuss the issue from two viewpoints (comparison and contrast) 3. Define its applicability to the security profession 4. provide a summation Times New Roman  Font And please include 2 scholarly resources per page. This assignment must be free of any plagiarism.

“Should You Get Paid For Recycling”

I’m not totally sure what my teacher wants us to write but the topic is “Should You Get Paid For Recycling” and I think we should be paid but only because I’m really broke haha so just write about why we should be pays and address the other side saying we shouldn’t and whatnot.

Building Networks and Creating Collaborative Partnerships Within Communities

As a human service professional, it is likely that you will partner with advocacy organizations in your area. The discussion this week will focus on building networks and creating collaborative partnerships within a community. You will assess some of the challenges related to building networks within a community. You will also determine the role that […]

Alphabet book of Hobbit novel

For each letter of the 26 alphabet, think of a word that goes with the story. This may include character, setting, ideas, important events or adjectives that describe those elements. Each word must also be accompanied by a description of how it is important to the story.

Answer the questions.

The exam covers material from Chapters 1, 2, 3 of the textbook.There six (6) essay-based questions. This exam is open-resource (specifically and exclusively, you may access the textbook, your notes, and the recorded lectures for this course. You should NOT use other sources). Your answers must be yours – your own thinking and in your […]

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