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April 13, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for April 13th, 2021

How We Eat

    According to Prose, overeating is no longer viewed as a vice or sin but as an illness. Do you agree? Purpose: Write an essay in which you argue for or against gluttony as a moral issue.Consider the following question:  What are some of the ways this change in thinking is communicated in popular […]

Cognitive Bias Paper

Identify and explain three times in your life thatyour judgment has been affected by a form of cognitive bias.  Your first example needs to be confirmation bias. The other two are your choice. APA formatting must be used on the cover page, body of paper and reference page.  You do not need to provide an […]

Housing and poverty

Poverty cannot be measured by income alone. Instead, it takes a multidimensional approach, accounting for health, education and standard of living, including access to clean water, sanitation, electricity and quality of housing because of the foundational role each plays in allowing families to lead a decent life.This assignment is a free-form essay on housing and […]

Import and Export

1. What is the top product imported into your state? What is the top product exported by your state? -Indiana is my state and please use the links below as a reference IMPORT – https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/state/data/imports/in.htmlEXPORT – https://www.census.gov/foreign-trade/statistics/state/data/in.html 2. Using the important verbiage of comparative advantage and absolute advantage, why are these 25 products the ones […]

legalization of drugs, educational standards, welfare, environmental regulation and enforcement, same sex marriage, and abortion. What level of government should regulate these issues?

Consider at least 2 of the following issues: legalization of drugs, educational standards, welfare, environmental regulation and enforcement, same sex marriage, and abortion. What level of government should regulate these issues? Are decisions on these issues better placed in the hands of the states or of the federal government? Why? Provide evidence of additional research […]

Financing an Expansion

After 12 years, your business is wildly successful, with multiple locations throughout the region. You are now ready to think really big. You want to purchase a huge competitor. (Note: You determine whether the competitor is a privately or publicly held company.) To expand, you will need additional capital from the debt or equity market, […]

Unit II Journal

OSHA recently updated their Safety and Health Management Program Guidelines. These guidelines replace what OSHA previously proposed as an Injury Illness Prevention Program (I2P2). There is an exception for California, which still uses I2P2. What are some of the challenges of implementing these program guidelines on a large construction site? What innovative ideas do you […]

define the CSR policy of one well-known public company.

The Unit 7 Assignment requires you to consider the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in an organizations strategy. CSR requires companies to ensure they are always working towards four pillars of societal accountability: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. Prior to working on the assignment, consider completing the following learning activity as it will prepare […]

Message Analysis

Your boss wants to send out a brief company email welcoming employees who recently transferred from the Hong Kong branch to your department. These employees, all of whom are Hong Kong natives, speak English, but your boss asks you to review his message for clarity. Using a minimum of one scholarly and/or credible source from […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Assignment OverviewUnit 4 – Individual ProjectASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTIONDeliverable Length: Part I: 1 budget in standard format; Part II: 700900-word memoOBJECTIVESPart I Compose a memo to the client discussing the benefits of a budget. Include information regarding static budgets, as well as flexible budgets, and the differences between the two. In Part II of this assignment, you […]

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