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May 2021 - Exceptional Paper

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TARGET ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING In at least 2 pages, describe the     mission of Target Corporation (e.g., what product or service is provided, to what intended markets, and how the product or service is distinct from those offered by competitors),     who your customers are (internal and external),     what value you add to the organization […]


The purpose of this assignment is to apply your knowledge of a.) the diet planning principles (i.e., adequacy, balance, variety, etc.), b.) the components of a sound weight loss plan, and c.) how to identify a fad diet or weight loss scam. In this discussion, you will be asked to critically assess the quality of […]

Interpersonal communication

Review the concepts you have learned about Interpersonal Communication, Identity, and Perceptions in Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in the Wood (2020) textbook. Choose a particular culture in the world whose members have very different perceptions about identity and effective communication than your own perceptions about identity and effective communication.  Do some research to learn […]

compare and contrast dental hygienist and registered nurse

Since we do use comparison and contrast so often to make decisions, in this paper, we will use it to examine a big one. Consider two different career paths that you might choose to pursue. They can be as alike or as different as you choose, but they should be realistic (i.e. choose careers you […]

Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Together we will read and annotate ch. 1 of Boy in the Striped Pajamas.  We will be pulling out and dot pointing the important details from chapter 1, and then creating a paragraph summary of the chapter. This can include but is not limited to: characters, setting, and plot events.

The official Story (will need amazon prime)

The movie is on Amazon Prime.  LMK if you do not have access How does it make you feel when a film is labeled international or when it’s labeled foreign? Also, consider what international film-watching tells you about a particular nation and its culture? What does it tell us about our own nation and culture? […]

Diversity in fire emergency Services

Sir, This is an additional page to the assignment I’ve already requested help with. thank you. The following topics have been identified by the United States Fire Administration as topics within the fire and emergency services discipline that need extensive research for better understanding of their application to modern organizations. In this assignment, you will […]

Psychology an LAW (Canadian)

5 Pages not including Title Page and Reference Page – APA7 Format/Citations read over recent news coverage of a topic that relates to a subject discussed in this course. Find a reliable and reputable news source (e.g., cbcnews.ca, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, etc.), whether online or in print, that has been published since January, […]

government regulation of junk food

it is time to start writing the argumentative essay on government regulation of junk food, which will serve as the basis of your presentation to the city council. remember, your essay should explain whether your agree or disagree that the government should be involved in this type of regulation. when writing your essay, find ways […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Complete a 10-12 page research paper on a specific historical, theological, or cultural difficulty. Front and back matter (such as title page, abstracts, and references list) do not count toward the page limit.The purpose of this paper is to provide students with valuable background information for use in their own understanding of the Bible and […]

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