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May 4, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

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Any topic (writer’s choice)

Practicing Critical Thinking1.) LIST the habits that hinder critical thinking (you may simply list them).2.) IDENTIFY the six important distinctions in critical thinking (you may simply list them).3.) COMPOSE a brief strategy for critical reading.4.) SUMMARIZE a brief strategy for critical listening.5.) CREATE a brief strategy for critical viewing.             […]

summaries the video

Please identify the central idea of the video and analyze its development over the course of the presentation. The essay should be between 500-600 words and written in the third person. This is a formal written assignment so you must edit and proofread your work. Poor grammar will lead to a deduction in points.

About us, Why Us, Our services details

I need content for my website link ; http://templates.thememodern.com/engitech/index.html1. I need content for about us page of my website. Please do research on our services and write a catch about us. Our company is new and has no specific background so you have to make things up and come up with a good about us […]

Alternatives to Traditional Expatriation

With the growth in modern communication technologies, such as email and videoconferencing, and the declining costs of international travel, expatriates will become an extinct species!(Reiche & Harzing, 2009). Comment on this statement. You should consider including a definition of expatriation, the motives for using expatriates, the potential problems of using expatriates, and alternatives to expatriation.chapter […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please summarize the ideas from the two papers into one paper.How acquisitive has your group’s company been in the last year or two ? Do any obvious patterns emerge (e.g. types of acquisition, reasons for acquisition) ?ExxonMobilBack up any assertions that you make with references to any course materials that you have read/watched, or articles […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Working bibliography: This works cited page should be in correct MLA format and should include a minimum of 8 of the 10 required scholarly sources that you plan to use for the research paper.  Remember these points as you put together this working bibliography: 1. it must use only scholarly sources,2.  it must use a […]

Psychology Reaction Paper

For this assignment, you need to watch a film on youtube, i will add the link below. And then write a reaction paper and I will also provide the questions for the paper. It also refers to our chapter we read so I will also provide the powerpoint as well.  Film Name: Jonestown The Life […]


Reflect on your use of the Big6 research model. What was the most challenging? How did you overcome your challenge? What worked best for you? How will you use information and digital literacy in your place of work or future career? How will you sustain your new knowledge in order to support your career goals?

Project Funding

In power point presentation, you are going to request funding for a new project from the executive level of your company. Feel free to be creative with this assignment, but remember your target audience and keep your presentation professional. I would like a PowerPoint presentation describing what you need money for and why (a new […]

I will post topics for the discussion board. You will be asked to respond with your thoughts and ideas. Images may be posted to illicit further ideas and discussion.

I will post topics for the discussion board. You will be asked to respond with your thoughts and ideas. Images may be posted to illicit further ideas and discussion. This is an ice breaker topic to get your thoughts flowing on what you may know on the state of political art today. Find an artwork […]

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