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October 1, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for October 1st, 2021

Research Based Paper Family Life Cycle

Choose a family challenge (substance abuse/addiction; HIV/AIDS; poverty; incarceration; divorce; domestic violence; mental illness; gay and lesbian unions; any other family challenge we see in the families we work with). Describe the way in which the Family Life Cycle is impacted by the challenge you have chosen. (A guide for the Family Life Cycle will […]

Retail Theory and Practice

Prepare a report for a large store-based or online fashion clothing retailer, trading in the UK that: a) Identifies key relevant changes in the UK fashion clothing market andb) Suggests and discusses strategies and tactics that could be used by the retailer to respond to the major changes occurring in the fashion clothing market.The word […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

This paper must show a vast knowledge of the novel. Dissect the novel. I want you to contextualize  the novel as well as look at the specifics. (Examples would include: setting, characters, irony, narrative voice, ect. ) Use three literary devices to focus on and help you “know” the novel. You do not need to […]

Experiential Persuasion for Eating

Explore the nutritional merits of a specific meal (the food chosen is in the upload files) The focus will be on both macronutrients and micronutrients You can choose the objective for this paper. Regardless of what the objective is,the paper MUST recognize and identify explicitly the relationship between the essential nutrients and the ingredients used […]


The following prompt, or essay question, will be asked on the Unit Test and count 40% of your exam grade. (The multiple choice and true/false count 60%) While there is no maximum length, your essay should be at least 500 words minimum. In your preparation, make notes of the key points regarding the topic from […]

Social Identity theory

(the topic I selected was Social identity theory) 1). Traditional Research Paper If you select this option, I would like you to choose a topic we have gone over during the semester. This topic can be anything from a specific theory (e.g., Social Identity Theory) to a broad topic like gender differences throughout development (or […]

Do you support the death penalty?

10 slide minimum Present three (3) compelling reasons why you either support or oppose the death penalty? Must include research to support each of your reasons (data, empirical research). Must incorporate at least one (1) Supreme Court case to support your position. No pictures or special effects.

write an argumentative essay concerning some of the different literary devices utilized in a work of literature from the selected author.

Research Paper Topic (ENGL 152)Each student will choose a well-known, published (in English and in any genre) author who has lived from 1600 C.E. to the present.  The student will then write an argumentative essay concerning some of the different literary devices utilized in a work of literature from the selected author.  For example, in […]

public administration ethics agency.

You are tasked with evaluating a public agency. NASA is the government agency for this assignment.  Please address all of the following inyour Assessment. Each of these headings should be the headings you use in yourpaper.1. Purpose and Scope Briefly describe the agency you chose. Determine whether said agency in compliant with formal code of […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Applying Statistical Methods in MoneyballThis assignment involves summarizing the book, Moneyball, while addressing how statistical methods were used to approach a traditional business problem in a new way and to improve the performance of an organization.  Please do the following: Write a minimum of a 500-750 word paper. In the paper, provide the following:Address how […]

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