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October 10, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for October 10th, 2021

Primary Source Reflection – Week 3

For our third primary source reflection, I want you to focus on reading n. 19 from our READER, “Complaint of an Indentured Servant (1756).” What exactly was an indentured servant, and how did this system fit into the social structure of the colonies in the middle of the 18th century? How was the status of […]

Death Penalty

InstructionsThis week, you will complete your argumentative paper. Following the directions in assigned textbook reading on how write an argumentative essay on the issue you chose in Week 1. Be sure your essay contains the following: An opening paragraph that states a clear thesis that is focused, plausible, and arguable and that gives direction and […]

History and fiction analysis on the book “The underground railroad” by Colsen Whitehead

General Guidelines:You need not answer all of these questions in your paper. However, consider the ones that mayhelp guide the focus of your paper. How does the book/author support, challenge, or add to the conversations we had inclass? On the one hand, how does a work of historical fiction complement the study of history? On […]


In addition to presentations, you will send us the following:(1) one-to-two page summary of what you have done and what were the main results(2) source file(s)(3) instructions how to run your codeSome of you are doing projects related to your work we may not be able to run your code. In this case, send us […]

Relationship with real GDP and Aging

This is a research paper is about relationship between the aging and real GDP in Canada. you should find some virables and do the research(use the data and the data analysis software, like excel or stata, and put the result into the appendix) There are so many requirements of the research paper. I had uploaded […]

The Death Penalty.

Topic is The death penalty and support your belief beyond personal opinion. In other words, collect and present facts from your references that support your reasons for your position. Your submission must take into account the ethical perspectives appropriate for the issue Paper should be 4 full pages! references page is not considered a 4th […]


I have to type an analytical chemistry based essay on a credible Covid 19 & diagnostic method related topic or source. It has to be no less than 800 words and references need to be in APA format and Times New Roman/ 12. She wants only these sections included: Abstract, Introduction, Experimental Details or Theoretical […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Read this article (Links to an external site.) in Nature magazine and answer some questions as s jumping-off point for your own take on it: 1. What are some of the rare side effects of fluoroquinolones? 2. When would you take them? For what diseases/infections? 3. What side effects would you be willing to put […]

Research Question

Review the following research questions. (Place each question as the heading above the answer.) 1-Is the use of soap and water or alcohol-based rubs more effective in preventing nosocomial infections?2-How effective are anti-depressive medications on anxiety and depression?3-For patients of 70 years and older, how effective is the use of the influenza vaccine at preventing […]

The modern (state-of-the-art) Biometrics environment Research and prepare a report on your selection made in Week 2 on the current trend in the area of Biometrics. Prepare a 4 page paper in Microsoft Word, APA format. Include a Title page, Abstract/In

The modern (state-of-the-art) Biometrics environment Research and prepare a report on your selection made in Week 2 on the current trend in the area of Biometrics.Prepare a 4 page paper in Microsoft Word, APA format. Include a Title page, Abstract/Introduction, Body of your paper, Conclusion/Findings and a 10 References reference page. Include a detailed description […]

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