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October 12, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for October 12th, 2021

Sociological concepts and language

A) Recognize and describe the fundamentals that underlie social life. B) Describe the influence of society/culture, race/ethnicity, and socioeconomic class on individuals development across the lifespan. Answers should: Utilize sociological concepts and language in correct and appropriate ways. Makes a well-reasoned, informed, and correct argument. Writes in full, complete, and grammatically correct sentences. Each answer […]


Unit V Literature ReviewIn Unit VII of this course, you will submit a research paper concerning a leadership theory and how it is applied in the workforce. In the finished paper, you will evaluate leadership roles and strengths, analyze the leadership theory you chose, evaluate leadership behavior and motivation, analyze leader influence, analyze research in […]


You have recently assumed the role of CFO at your company. The company’s CEO is looking to expand its operations by investing in new property, plant, and equipment. You are asked to do some capital budgeting analysis that will determine whether the company should invest in these new plant assets. download the most recent copy […]


In the article, Selflessness and the Loss of Self, Jean Hampton writes, Often philosophers who commend altruism assume that someone who cares for another even at the expense of her own welfare is an impressive and highly moral figure. In disagreement, Hampton states her personal view, Not all self-sacrifice is worthy of our respect or […]

What is the music of the Civil Rights Movement? Why/how would it be considered the music of the movement/the music that moved the movement?

The essay should be a personal opinion; however, you must use the textbook to support your opinion. You may also use other sources if you’d like, but that is not necessary. The answers provided should be your own words and ideas supported by these sources.

Overstaffing/Staffing issues

Compare case study to nursing practice and give an example of a similar experience from your nursing experience. Your reflection should be a minimum of five to six paragraphs. This assignment must be a minimum 500 words. Remember a complete sentence should stand alone. APA format required. Must have a min one reference five years […]

Issue Paper

Issue Paper Overview The purpose of this paper is to familiarize you with a current issue facing Congress and with how you can have your voice heard. Begin by finding out about current and upcoming issues before Congress. You could also address a regular occurring issue, such as the next budget or an issue that […]

Compare and Contrast

read this article and watch this TED talk.write 350 words in which you take a position that builds from both of these sources.include direct quotes (you do not have to cite the source)briefly analyze your quotes or key points that you bring in from the sources.  How do they contribute to your new idea/position?  Why? […]

counseling skills

In the last module of this course, you will be asked to conduct an interview with a family member, friend or co-worker.  You should have already submitted your Informed Consent.  The next step is for you to submit: the name of the person you will be interviewing along with his/her relationship to youa topic that […]

Children with estranged parents

Topic is: Children with Estranged Parents Choose 2 sources for the paper2-3 pages in lengthTimes New Roman 12-point fontDouble-spaced with 1-inch marginsA well-written introduction and conclusion at the beginning and end of your paper.Supporting information and details gathered from your 2 sources and cited using your preferred citation method (MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, etc).A bibliography or […]

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