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October 16, 2021 - Exceptional Paper

Archive for October 16th, 2021


300 words portfolio a number of the short pieces of writing (‘posts’) that you produce as part of for the portfolio, you are asked to collect four of your posts of no more than 300 words each, discussing four different pieces of reading. You will then supplement these posts with a reflective statement of 500 […]

Assessment Centres Week 7

You are to source and review an academic journal article (peer reviewed, from last 15 years) on the listed topic Assessment Centres.  Use the headings in this worksheet to structure your review. The worksheet is uploaded. answer the question from the article journal you select.

Ideals, preferabbly Liberty andYou are arguing why that ideal is still important today in society.

You will choose one that you feel best exemplifies one of the following ideals: rights, liberty, equality, etc.. Some will deal with one ideal, some will cover several.  You are arguing that the one you choose is the best and why that ideal is still important today in society. I want you to do more […]

M7.2 Activity: Visualizing Your Ethical Toolkit

The work you have done on developing your SmartArts over the past seven weeks has led to this point: finalizing your personal ethical decision-making toolkit. Think of everything youve done so far: Module 1: You created a visual representation of your default mode of ethical decision-making and its relationship to two other possible modes (virtues, […]

Critically discuss how Foucault understands power.

Key ReadingIn preparation for the seminar discussion, please read:Foucault, M. (1977) Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison, London: Penguin Chapter 1 ‘The Body of the Condemned’Further ReadingFoucault, M. (1982) The Subject and Power, Critical Inquiry, 8(4) (Summer 1982) pp 777-795Foucault, M. (1975) /Body/Power’ in C. Gordon (ed.), Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and other Writings […]


The four areas in which cultural intelligence will significantly improve our understanding of culture and cross-cultural leadership are: (1) reframing, (2) adaptive work, (3) systems thinking, and (4) consciousness. 1) Please choose minimum of one area and briefly (3-4 sentences) share a personal, professional, academic, or community-based example of how you utilized/practiced the element (or […]

pride and prejudice

Your assignment is to write an analytical paper about any aspect of any single work that we’ve read thus far. 750-1000 wordsMicrosoft Word document, 12 pt Times New Roman font, double spaced.MLA format–include parenthetical in-text citations and a works cited list. If you need more information about MLA formatting, check Purdue OWL.Be very careful not […]

Daily Sun Part 3 Journalistic Analysis

Analysis of 2 articles from your chosen publication and mainstream media Compare in detail this publications coverage of two or three stories that also appeared in “mainstream” outlets. How did this publication cover them differently? What did that difference reveal? How did it serve to exercise the function of the publication as a convener of […]

SOAP notes

Please answer the following questions. Bob is a 35 year old black male who came into care on Feb. 14th 2015. He lives with his wife and two children Bob Jr. and Mary. He works at the Motor Vehicle Administration office in western Maryland. His current address is 1934 BTS Street in Baltimore Maryland, he […]

Polictical Diversity

In 300-500 words, what is your reaction to the podcasts, particularly “How to Cover, Political Diversity in America”? Do you agree with the information? How do you view the coverage of politics in America or where you live? Give examples of how coverage of politics varies or doesn’t in the publication that you chose to […]

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