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Which crime/act of violence is more justifiable to you: the one committed by Ms. Wright, or the one committed by Mother Savage?

Justice or Vengeance?–People do lots of fucked up things to each other. Sometimes even violent and illegal things, hence our system of justice. And justice is a complicated, complex subject, especially when the crimes being judged seem justifiable. The classic, cliched example is the man stealing food to feed his starving family. Is that better […]


Assignment Sheet: One Perspective EssayFormat: MLALength: 2-3 pagesNow that you have selected a topic, you will need to find and explore one perspective on the issue. This means that your source must take a stance on the issue.  A news article that reports events or a book review will not serve the purposes of this […]

Compare and contrast of Superman and Batman

Its to have a works cited page the essay topic is a compare and contrast paper that is about Batman and Superman man has to have an intro 3 body paragraphs and conclusion also looking for it to have quotes in my paper for the works cited page

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Exemplification (Illustration) is a writing pattern that uses examples to show, explain, or prove a point.  Upload an one-page exemplification essay on a topic of your choice, such as the many examples of “home” or “family”.  See Additional Example Writing Topics on page 201 in BR.  Be sure to include a title and an underlined […]

Personal hero vs Greek God

Modern-day hero vs. Greek god In this project, you will first decide who is your personal hero. This hero can be a famous person in the present-day or history or they can be someone that is a personal hero to you someone in your own life. Next, you will write a historical account of that […]

African American Literature

1. After reading the poetry of Baraka and Giovanni, discuss the overt style, subjects, and theme (s) exemplified in their poetry. 2. Alice Walker is generally not included in The Black Arts Movement period in literature, yet her short story “Everyday Use” was published in 1970. With this in mind, discuss the ways Walker reflects […]

Outline – African American Literature

You must list your working thesis at the top of the page, separately from the outline. Even though this is an outline of the proposed essay, it must be a complete and thorough structure for your fully developed thesis and argument. The outline should frame the essay, so it should reflect introduction, body paragraphs, and […]


Add to the stakeholders and reconsideration ( including their clinics, outpatient, inpatient, and rehab facilities) to share similar or compatible EMR systems that can assist with the continuum of communication and care of a single patient using that system. Rural hospitals have accessibility issues and have a complete patient history of making sure they are […]

Book / Movie Review

Middle East Book Review Guidelines: I suggest you come up with four or five main aspects of the book you choose, particularly dealing with the main character(s) and what they have to say about the people they are connected to (Kanafani: the various stories he has about the plight of the Palestinians; Sabahattin Ali: Raifs […]

Discuss how the three GEOINT components are applied to a military intelligence problem-set or scenario – Feb 2019 Pakistan-India Pulwama Crisis

Below are the definitions for the three components of GEOINT: Imagery: A likeness or presentation of any natural or man-made feature or related object or activity and the positional data acquired at the same time the likeness or representation was acquired, including products produced by space-based national intelligence reconnaissance systems, and likenesses or presentations produced […]

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