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Unit 3 Discussion Board

No title page needed. A woman in her mid-thirties suffered from a rare malignancy in her brain and around her spinal cord. She had surgery, and most of the tumor mass was removed, but residual tumor remained in the brain and around the spinal cord. The doctors informed her that chemotherapy and radiation were possible […]

Informed Consent

Case: The study proposed a new wound healing technique and involved needle puncture on patients from two medical centers. It was mentioned in the paper that an institutional ethical review board has given ethical approval for the study. However, the process of puncturing, healing, and cleaning the vascular access was done without informed consent. What […]

Nursing informatics

5 sections. 1st section: Introduction and Background of Nursing Informatics. 2nd section: Discuss meaningfulness of life long learning for nurse practitioners, importance of using patient portals and rationale, importance global e-health and nursing informatics in a pandemic and rationale, and using a Moxi Robot during a pandemic and rationale. Section 3: Discuss how informatics have […]

You are painting a picture for me describing all of the processes/phases of the illness and the cares/treatments used to care for the patient. You are actually writing a beginner scientific paper.

Case Study:  Each student is required to submit a comprehensive case study on a complex client they have cared for at least 2 days during clinical. Reading information on the concept of evidenced-based practice is essential before starting this assignment refer to Chapter 24 in the Catalano textbook.). This is worth 15%of the overall course […]

Identification of unique plant species near my home

The title of the project is Identification of unique plant species near my homeEach student will identify 8 plant species near your homeDownload at least one free mobile App from web for plant species identificationMake notes on map to locate the species that have been identified near your homeDraft research reportTitle of your research (5 […]

Gastric surgery for weight loss

Gastric surgery for Weight-LossIn this paper, you will address the following: What are the main types of gastric surgery used for weight loss?What are the potential risks or complications of these surgeries?What percentage of patients regain their weight? How does this occur?(Minimum length of paper 500 words.)  Papers need to be referenced and follow APA […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

The PHP Final Paper is a reflection of what you have learned during the course. Include concrete examples and explain what, if any of the dimensions you feel you will be able to use through your college career and into your life after college. Explain how you did with your Behavior Change Contract, did you […]

Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans and Fringe Benefits

Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans and Fringe Benefits Discuss the impact on practice operations regarding retirement plans and fringe benefit.  How does the development of a robust and competitive employee compensation and fringe benefit package bring value to the physician practice?  Provide examples. minimum of 2 cited source materials using APA formatting. The book  we use in […]

Planning for Biological Attacks

research and review the steps in preparing for biological attacks Answer these questions in paragraph form, with any additional research you might use to support your answers. (APA 7 FORMAT!) 1. How might you as a public health advocate or educator educate the public and medical workers to recognize a disease outbreak, and the influences […]

How play therapy helps those with IDD

The written component will include evidence-based research to support the topic of choice.  Material should be relevant to topic and recent trends within the last 10 calendar years.  Additionally, Information should be presented in a detailed and logical format. Should also discuss the recent efforts towards new innovations.

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