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Juveniles in adult prisons and jails

The table of contents I drafted for organization Introduction American Juvenile SystemEducation Rehabilitation Services Sexual Victimization Isolation & Mental Health Criminal RecordInside Out Program Personal Account ConclusionAppendix Bibliography The incomplete abstract:This thesis sets out to discuss the alarming rates at which juveniles are incarcerated in adult prisons. In addition, arguing an appropropriate age for which […]

1.Higher levels of incarceration/Colonization/Alternate Dispute Resolution

I have provided an already completed annotated bibliography, I did receive feedback for this part of the assignment and I will provide it below. I have also included the instructions within the uploaded materials. “intro is too brief, please review the assignment description to read the instructions. State your issues specifically, are you researching trauma […]

Discussion board 1

Answer the questions in this format At the end of Chapter 4: Human Resources Law, you will find The Court Decides:  Prescott v. Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego (2017).Read the case and answer the 5 questions at the end.  Please include the questions and place your answers right after each question. Can you explain why this […]

short essay/article

Write a two page reflection paper on what you have learned this week about Pauli Murray and her life.  Consider these questions as well:  What have you learned about gender and jury service?  What do you think about the Gwendolyn Hoyt case?  Can you understand why RBG wanted to thank Pauli Murray and Dorothy Kenyon […]

Can We Predict Where Terrorists Will Strike Next?”

Will it ever be possible to accurately predict terrorist attacks, whether in the United States or elsewhere? Why or why not? What tools, skills, and other options may be used to increase the accuracy of predictions? The paper must be 1-2 pages. Use proper APA formatting and citations, including in-text citations. Reference at least 1 […]

The economic benefits of private prisons

Create a 2,000-2,500 word research proposal that includes an abstract, introduction, literature review, rationale, methodology, significance/conclusion, and references (the last of which not counting towards the word count). Reuse previous assignments in this assignment, but those assignments should be modified and updated as per instructor feedback.

Personal Statement

No Plagerisms Instruction below MPA Statement/Letter of Intent: The MPA is a professional program designed to prepare you for a career in public administration and policy work in diverse areas such as non-government organizations, industry associations, and, of course, the public service. To help the committee understand whether the MPA program is right for you, […]

Active Shooter Case Analysis

Professor’s instructions: Write an analysis of at least 1,000 words that relate the case to preparedness, response, and NIMS (National Incident Manager System). Discuss what went right, what could be improved, and how it could be improved upon regarding preparation and response in the active shooter AAR. Discuss the role of the players and partners […]

2011 Tornado Outbreak – Response Case Analysis

Professor’s instructions: Write an analysis of at least 1000 words that relate the case to the National Response Framework and the National Incident Management System. Indicate which case analysis you selected at the beginning of your initial post. Discuss what went right, what could be improved, and how it could be improved upon in the […]

Legal Research

Please review the steps at the end of the chapter. Next, open the link provided and choose a topic to research from the eight choices. All of the issues are current issues. Please email me asap with your choice. First come, first served on the choices. Then follow the three steps to further research your […]

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