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Green marketing

Locate an example of a company that is heavily involved in social or green marketing. -Make a report on the activities of the company.-Compare this company to a direct competitor that is not so extensively involved in such activities.-What are the advantages/disadvantages that the social /green approach has over the other?-Then compare these two examples […]

Marketing communication

Word Limit: 2,500 words (excluding pictures, charts, graphs, diagrams, small tables, infographics, list of references and appendices; no executive summary needed) YouGov publishes a list of The most famous brands in the UK. You can access the latest version of this by clicking on the link. You can use it as a form of inspiration […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Discuss what diversity, equity, and inclusion means and how it is integrated in social media practices. Highlight a brand that has embraced an element of DE&I in a campaign, and present three takeaways we can learn from this case. Please make sure to have at least three (3) references in APA style.

Physicians and Patients in Healthcare Marketing

For this discussion, you will consider the relationship between physicians and health organizations and examine how this informs healthcare marketing. You will also consider the role of the patient and customer and the ways in which they shopor dont shopfor healthcare, and you will examine how a healthcare organizations marketing goals can most effectively target […]

Research brief

It was good to discuss with some of you for your research briefs yesterday afternoon. You engagement in the course is highly appreciated and encouraged. I would like to provide the follow information for your consideration.  We are happy to provide further assistance whenever you need. First of all THIS IS A RESEARCH BRIEF NOT […]

Ethical Decision Making in Healthcare Marketing

Instructions are located in “Coursework Guidelines,” it consents of three parts..1. Code of Ethics2. Ethical Decision Making3. Role of the Healcare Marketer Link below and Code of Ethics is to help with Part 1. https://www.ache.org/about-ache/our-story/our-commitments/ethicsAmerica College of Healthcare Executives

Marketing Strategy Implementation

Now that you have created a marketing strategy, you must create a plan for your Cosmetic business to implement the marketing strategy. This should be a concrete plan discussing how you apply the strategy created in the previous assignment. Write a 6 page paper in which you do the following: 1.Determine any strategic partnerships the […]

people face trade offs

You have one semester left to graduate and you have the finances to do a maximum of four courses. Three of the courses are required courses. The last course slot belongs to an elective. You have narrowed down your choices to three electives, all of which are very popular and very useful courses that you […]

Baby Durables/ Baby Care (focusing on baby blankets)

Hi I need someone to write this section of the paper “Company Overview and Project Description brief overview of Dreamland Baby and the market they currently expect to address AND a  clear description of the project and analysis your team is addressing in your paper” AND “Analyze how the market is currently purchasing the product/service […]

Individual essay

800 word reflecting on how to further improve the final product, along with critical considerations about you as an Agile Marketing professional, and about the uses of the Agile method in the project process. You can answer to some questions as: – Are you happy with the final project your team delivered? Why?– How do […]

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