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Why is math useful in our day to day life?

Structure Suggestion (example)Your report may include: INTROA premise and why this topic is of interest to you. What you expect to find and your research method. BODYYour specific area of research (subtopic) within the field of study and how it connects to the whole field of study.History of the topic, modern techniques, applications/use cases, interesting/challenging […]

Nurses Work Schedule Characteristics, Nurse Staffing, and Patient Mortality

– read the article at least two times– highlight the important points of the article in every section– read the critique question in the template and write the answer to each question. The answer should be in a sentence format with supporting evidence from the article to justify the response to the question. I attached […]

Deliverable 3 – Confidence Intervals

InstructionsScenario (information repeated for deliverable 01, 03, and 04) A major client of your company is interested in the salary distributions of jobs in the state of Minnesota that range from $30,000 to $200,000 per year. As a Business Analyst, your boss asks you to research and analyze the salary distributions. You are given a […]

Reading Response

Choose two of the following Response Questions. Identify the numbers of the questions you answer in the initial post. Those numbers will be important when it comes to responding to peer posts. 1. Mathematical community is inherently at the heart of learning in the math classroom. Su (2020) points out that often, community consists of […]

Super easy!!

IntroductionSample design is very important, as we saw in the U.S. 2000 presidential election, where Florida was initially declared for the Democratic candidate based on a sample that did not truly reflect the entire state. Careful consideration must be paid to ensure a representative sample if we are inferring those results on a population. Locate […]

Super easy!!

IntroductionThis module focuses on sampling techniques. However, there may be times when you need to use a number generator to simulate a simple random sample. Random number generators could be used to avoid bias in the sample selection process. In this assignment, you will explore the circumstances under which a random number generator is used […]

systems of equations

Systems of equations are used in many cost models in the real world. Here is an example scenario for you to consider. Suppose you are running a carnival. You are selling hamburgers and sodas. A hamburger is $1.75 and a soda is .75. You expect to make a total of $117.50 for the dayYou also […]


1. Given two samples, one in which n = 36, the other where n = 60, which distribution would have the larger variance? Which variance is likely to be closer in value to the population variance? Which sample is likely to have the larger range? 2. A school psychologist wants to inform a teacher about […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Analysis of justification: Across the grade bands (elementary-, middle- and high- school) compare and contrast the role of mathematical justification in supporting students mathematics learning? Questions that need are answered are below… 1. What are the implications of the similarities or differences of mathematical justification for equitable mathematics learning (i.e, each and every student learning […]

Reading Response

After completing the assigned readings for Week 8, choose two of the following response questions. Identify the numbers of the questions you answer in the initial post. Those numbers will be important when it comes to responding to peer posts. Initial post Su (2020) names three assumptions that mathematical communities make often – and that […]

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