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It is common to hear spokespersons and other officials send thoughts and prayers to victims and victims families in the wake of natural or human-caused disasters. While this sentiment is often appreciated as an expression of condolence, it has also been criticized as slacktivism (slacker + activism)a minimal act that is performed in place of […]

Philosophy of science

This is an argumentative essay over one of the topics discussed in chapters 4-6 of James Ladyman’s “Understanding Philosophy of Science.” I’ve attached 3 documents: the “phil of sci essay” pdf gives the requirements and ideas to write the essay on. The “unit 2 notes” pdf is my notes over these chapters. And the “ladyman-Understanding […]

regulating artificial intelligence

The research topic is in the Proposal pdf.Citations to included  for this research paper is  this following website: https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/ethics-ai/and the additional attached PDF materials. Paper requirements: The descriptiveness and clarity of the title; The clarity and adequacy of the thesis statement; The quality of the explanation of the moral issue at stake; The relevance and […]

Phl Unit 11

http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/nicomachaen.1.i.html Read as much as you can, and whatever parts you wish, of Aristotle’s classic work of ethics, Nicomachean Ethics. Perhaps focus on a section that appeals to you: moral virtues, friendship, the good life (the theoretical vs. practical life, in Book 10). Explain one element of his thought that you found compelling and persuasive. […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Practicing Critical Thinking1.) LIST the habits that hinder critical thinking (you may simply list them).2.) IDENTIFY the six important distinctions in critical thinking (you may simply list them).3.) COMPOSE a brief strategy for critical reading.4.) SUMMARIZE a brief strategy for critical listening.5.) CREATE a brief strategy for critical viewing.             […]

John Rawls Theory of Justice

To write a philosophy paper, per the guidelines detailed in “Writing a philosophy paper” in week two. You will research and discuss one of the theories listed below. You need to pick one you understand and like or appreciate. You should strive to demonstrate adequate understanding of the theory first in the paper. At least […]


Answer each question after the links below. Do not use any other outside sources. When answering questions use one quote from each link. 1) http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/92/up-from-slavery/1575/chapter-3-the-struggle-for-an-education/ (Links to an external site.) Booker T. Washington What are the lessons Booker T recounts and how did he learn these life lessons? 2)  http://www.bartleby.com/114/3.html (Links to an external site.) […]

What is the significance of Descartes’s statement, cogito ergo sum, and how does his conclusions regarding the human soul overturn centuries of philosophical thought?

Book assigned for the course: “Meditations on First Philosophy”, Descartes (Hackett) To achieve clarity in writing, you must ask yourself three questions: (a) Are all of the terms (used by the author or myself) clear in their meaning? (b) Are all of the propositions (used by the author or myself) necessarily true or perhaps dubitable […]

Analysis of Skepticism with Michel de Montaigne

2) As we noted, Michel de Montaigne’s motto (along with “Que sais-je?”) is “epohke” or “je soutiens”I withhold judgment. Choose two essays and trace how Montaigne makes use of skepticism in his assaying of the relevant subjects. Suggested essays:1. Apology for Raimond Sebond2. On Physiognomy

Plato and Meno

Compare/contrast the character of Meno and Socratesas represented in Platos Meno.  Explain how the character of each is related to a specific account of memory and knowledge. This comparison should include an account of what each takes to be knowledge and its relation to ones character.

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