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Veterans & their Mental Health Struggles

Consultation Prospectus Veterans and their Mental Health StrugglesAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignmentStudents will prepare a consultation prospectus paper. Select an area of interest for potential consultation (this topic CAN overlap with your consultation project). The prospectus should include the following components: Overview of the topic of interest and how consultants might be of […]

Parent Interview

you will interview a parent who has raised a child into/through the adolescent years. Use the following questions in the interview as well as one additional question you create that is of particular interest to you. Be sure to transcribe the interviewees responses to all 12 questions as accurately and completely as possible.


You will develop a bibliography using APA style that contains at least 15 sources. You are to use good information literacy skills to evaluate the quality of the sources.you will be researching courage. so you have to find resources that talk about courage in psychology ” physical, social, moral, and creative courage” It’s best to […]

Using and Applying Badrul Khans Web-Based Framework

For this assignment, you will apply Badrul Khans Web-Based Framework to evaluate an online course offered by a corporate organization for training purposes, academic course, or a virtual high school course. PreparationUsing a course of your choice, answer the questions outlined in the Matrix for Evaluation of E-Learning Courses. InstructionsAfter answering and commenting on each […]

Multi-Tiered Intervention Strategies

In any given classroom, you will find students with a variety of learning needs, abilities, cultures, and experiences that affect how they learn and behave in the classroom. When students are attentive, focused, and engaged, they are more likely to understand and process information from lessons and learning activities. Positive behavior in the classroom often […]

Harlow’s Rhesus Monkey Experiment

The Core Curriculum requires that the courses within it support students skill enhancement in the Core Objectives. Objectives assigned to this course include: Critical thinking; Communication; Empirical and Quantitative Skills; and Social Responsibility. Introduction to the theory and statement of the problem. In this section of the paper, you will explain the problem identified and […]

Eating Disorders

a brief and concise introduction, with a clear thesis statement a paragraph about what current views are about the issue (with at least one academic reference) a paragraph about current practice and/or what is known about the issue in the field of child andyouth care (with at least one child and youth care reference) recommendations/conclusion […]


The memo will have three parts-part I: What you learned this week about applying statistics to the analysis of educational data, part II-Brief notes to yourself regarding theuse of SPSS and part III-Brief discussion of what you are still confused about. It could be that you are clear on everything. Schuyler W. Huck: chapter 3, […]

Chinese and Hispanic Culture Comparison

A research paper on a cultural comparison on some aspect of psychological functioning. The paper will focus on a comparison of psychological phenomenon between Chinese and Hispanic (Mexican) cultures, e.g., the experience of emotion, gender roles, infant attachment, interpersonal attraction and love, culture-specific psychological disorders, parenting styles, child-rearing styles, family structure, self-perception, moral reasoning, etc. […]


Using the PowerPoint and doing some further research. Write an essay regarding your point of view so far in the class. In particular, how has your view on psychology changed since the beginning of the class up to now? Are the topics covered in Chapter 1 what you were expecting at the beginning? Why and […]

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