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Responsibilities Exercise

In most organizations, the decision to sponsor an event comes from Boards, Committees, and/or combinations with upper management. The paid staff and volunteers execute the decisions of these entities and are interdependent upon mutual collaboration between both groups.  It is important that both groups maintain a unified vision of the event and respect each groups […]

Planning Exercise

Ultimately, a volunteer coordinator or manager strives to produce a successful event by making the best use of what is available to his or her organization. Mobilizing volunteers to assist existing staff is only one part of the equation. Planning where and when the event will take place, who will participate including staff, volunteers, and […]

Event Template

Preparing for a sponsored event so that it can be successfully executed is the primary focus for a volunteer coordinator.  Every aspect of the event and where volunteer versus paid staff would best fit and serve must be examined. Additionally, based on the level of participation, the number of participants, and skill sets, a projected […]

Ministry: Feed My People (FMP) Supermarket

FINAL PAPER GUIDELINES Write a ten-page paper on the topic: A Contemporary Model for Christian Education In My Context. This model, derived from your personal ministry/educational context should be usable and doable. The model should be one that is relevant for the 21st century. At a minimum the paper should: 1.    Briefly describe your present […]

world religion

Annotated Bibliography (20 points): Six sources (at least 2 of 6 must be websites), correctly formatted, with insightful assessment and critique of the sources. Generally, an annotated bibliography is 6-8 sentences / 150-200 words in length. Students must be physically present in class to complete the next part of the project. SEE ABP PROMPT FOR […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Chapter 1 and 21. A brief summary of your authors position as it pertains to the relevant topic for that particular class. 2. A question or a thought that you want to bring to your group. Students are also encouraged to raise those questions in class for broader discussion. 

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please read and respond to the following article by Gyan Pandey: Chapter 3 (from History of Prejudice). Please summarize the reading well and please discuss the main points clearly.And also please make sure to ask a question at the end about the reading

biblical basis for global engagement

I have attached all required reading for the assignment. Please follow. Thank you! Based on our course readings, define worldview in your own words.1.How does worldview affect cultural, political, economic, and industrial aspects of society?2.Why is it important to consider worldview when sharing the gospel with someone from a different cultural background than your own? […]

The Concept of Love as Portrayed in Jonah, Ruth, and Song of Songs

The Concept of Love as Portrayed in Jonah, Ruth, and Song of Songs. The Book that needs to be used as one of the sources is, “The Five Megilloth and Jonah” The Five Megilloth and Jonah, Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1969 (ISBN: 978-0-8276-0-0454) and 2008 reedition (978-0-8276-0890-0). The paper must include a bibliography of at […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

* Reflect on several things that strike you in the chapter.  You may want to include an insight or an observation on the part of the author that you find interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, resonating, convicting, or even annoying and distressing. You may comment on things with which you agree or disagree.* Your reflections need not […]

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