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Unit 3 Discussion Board

No title page needed. A woman in her mid-thirties suffered from a rare malignancy in her brain and around her spinal cord. She had surgery, and most of the tumor mass was removed, but residual tumor remained in the brain and around the spinal cord. The doctors informed her that chemotherapy and radiation were possible […]

Unit I Assessment

1. Many countries have now implemented the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), which is formally known as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemical Substances. In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) modified the HAZCOM standard in 2012 to align with the GHS process requirements, including both safety data […]

Unit III Case Study

For this case study, ensure that you read the information from the case study scenario and address the following points. Describe safety precautions that you will take to perform the fieldwork for this project. (Note: You do not know what specific materials are present at the site initially.)Identify all of the hazardous materials (or potentially […]

Unit III Journal

Many communities now have local emergency planning committees (LEPCs) that are in charge of gathering information about hazardous materials in the community, developing emergency response plans, and providing the information to citizens. Is there an LEPC or a similar organization in your community? Are you familiar with the emergency plan or programs that are available […]

Climate and Energy Modelling(Economic Modelling)

I will upload the lecture materials of each week by Professor and exercises as well.Please study and pratice them in advacne before exam days.I will screenshot and send the exam questions to writer once the exam has started.The writer can start working once he received the questions and need to send me the derivations of […]

read instructions

Using the following materials, links and PowerPoint, please answer the following questions: * No Title or Reference page required! But do include references in your responses! * Do NOT type out question but do label, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and so on with the corresponding responses! * Important Link to use: https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/overview/models-for-community-health-and-development/logic-model-development/main 1. Reflect on […]

Criminal Justice

PromptFor your final course in criminal justice, you will have to create a research question that you will then investigate further. To assist you in this task, we will provide a list of current research topics covered in each course and ask you to submit at least one research question based on a topic covered […]


For this weeks discussion I would like you to discuss the topic of the Feminization of Poverty.  What does it mean? Why is it important to study and understand?  How does race and ethnicity fit into the argument or does it all?  Just a brief discussion on the topic. I have included a link to […]

Relate to Colleagues as an MFT

Assume you are sharing an elevator while attending a conference when a fellow attendee notices your nametag and credentials and asks you what exactly you do as an MFT. Prepare an elevator to talk to sell your approach as a systemic thinker that could be delivered in about two minutes. Consider approaching this assignment from […]

social force shaped US history

PROMPT: In your educated opinion, what do the two books youve chosen reveal about the social forces that have shaped U.S. history since 1950? In your answer discuss how these social forces influenced the deeper history (1950-2010) chronicled by the books as well as connections to contemporary society (2010-present). Although this paper is very much […]

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