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TARGET ORGANIZATIONAL SETTING In at least 2 pages, describe the     mission of Target Corporation (e.g., what product or service is provided, to what intended markets, and how the product or service is distinct from those offered by competitors),     who your customers are (internal and external),     what value you add to the organization […]

Diversity in fire emergency Services

Sir, This is an additional page to the assignment I’ve already requested help with. thank you. The following topics have been identified by the United States Fire Administration as topics within the fire and emergency services discipline that need extensive research for better understanding of their application to modern organizations. In this assignment, you will […]


1. What makes us angry? 2. Why would many, perhaps most, people experience anger in response to the teenagers actions? (Anger is especially common when another persons misconduct seems willful, unjustified, and avoidable). 3. Is the anger that is portrayed in the clip “a short madness” (Horace) that “carries the mind away” (Virgil), “many times […]

Remote Collaboration and Evidence-Based Care

Remote Collaboration and Evidence-Based Care Demonstration of Proficiency By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competencies through the following assessment scoring guide criteria: Create a 5-10 minute video of yourself, as a presenter, in which you will propose an evidence-based plan to improve the outcomes for a patient and […]

Critique on Emma Watson’s 2014 UN address

Professional Speech Critique Students will select a famous speech to critique this semester. The links to view the speeches are listed below. If the link is broken please contact the instructor as soon as possible. The assignment is to watch the full speech, then to read the speech transcript. After seeing and reading the speech […]

PICO(T) questions and evidence base approach

Create a 3 page submission in which you develop a PICO(T) question for a specific care issue and evaluate the evidence you locate, which could help to answer the question.PICO(T) is an acronym that helps researchers and practitioners define aspects of a potential study or investigation. It stands for:P Patient/population/problem.I Intervention.C Comparison (of potential interventions, […]


I need to answer the 3 questions attach on the word document. I need to do so using the resources attached, I have attached all the links on the word document labeled “Week 1 Resources”. I need to use at least 3 of the resources attached. They need to be cited in APA 7 format.

Phl Unit 11

http://classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/nicomachaen.1.i.html Read as much as you can, and whatever parts you wish, of Aristotle’s classic work of ethics, Nicomachean Ethics. Perhaps focus on a section that appeals to you: moral virtues, friendship, the good life (the theoretical vs. practical life, in Book 10). Explain one element of his thought that you found compelling and persuasive. […]

High-performance Teams

DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS The student will complete 4 Discussions in this course. The student will post one thread of at 2 pages.  For each thread, students must support their assertions with at least 3 scholarly citations in APA format.  Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Discussion:  High-performance TeamsThreadThe purpose […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak with your faculty member if you have questions.1) Identify a health problem or need for health promotion for a particular stage in the life span of a populationfrom a specific culture in your area.2) Choose one of the Leading Health Indicators (LHI) priorities from Healthy People 2020:https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/Leading-Health-Indicators3) […]

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