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Java Game

In this assignment you will implement a game to be played by a human player against the computer.  The central idea is that during a player’s turn, randomly generated 9X9 grids of integers ranging from 1 through 9 will be examined for points according to point rules (given below).  In each turn a player will […]

COMP122 2020 Assignment 3

COMP122 2020 Assignment 3This assignment is due on 30/03/2020 at 5pm and should be submitted via SAM Electronic Submissions server (see the end of this page for detailed instructions). RequirementsYou will write a program that reads a list of items and their prices from a text file and creates a vending machine that sells these […]

Project 2-2 Grade Converter

Project 2-2: Grade ConverterCreate an application that converts number grades to letter grades. ConsoleWelcome to the Letter Grade Converter Enter numerical grade: 90 Letter grade: A Continue? (y/n): y Enter numerical grade: 88 Letter grade: A Continue? (y/n): y Enter numerical grade: 80 Letter grade: B Continue? (y/n): y Enter numerical grade: 67 Letter grade: […]

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