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Neuron in the brain

It should include a half page introduction, 3 pages forming the body of the paper and a half page conclusion. Finally, the last page will consist of a reference page that will include a minimum of 6 journal articles, and 1 citation from a book (do not use your lab manual). The paper cannot include […]

Any topic (writer’s choice)

Understanding and Integration of Living Components of the Human Body. It is here where much detail is brought together with cellular structure and function, and the organization of many cells together in the body, that make up tissues. Do not merely memorize these individual vocabulary words, but rather, learn and comprehend how these cells and […]

social inequality

Instructions:Find a NEWS article that addresses a recent example of social inequality. It can involve any form of inequality discussed in the book, such as race or ethnicity, gender, class, etc. (A news article is an article from a media source like a newspaper or magazine such as the New York Times, FOX, The Washington […]

US History Biography from WWII

Students will go to the website for the Center for the Study of War and Society, (https://csws.utk.edu/oral-history-project/read-an-interview/)  and choose one interview from either the European theater of operations (ETO) or the Pacific Theater of operations (PTO) and write a 1000-word minimum (about 4 pages), biography on the life of the individual they have chosen. Each […]


As many of you know, the online sections of Sociology 1 are among the most popular that we offer here at CCSF.  This is not unusual in that schools around the country and throughout the world are finding out that people like online classes perhaps more than face-to-face classes judging from the rate at which […]

Political Socialization Response Paper

Reflect upon your own process of political socialization and agents of socialization in your life.  Write a paper that addresses all of the following: What agents have been most influential in shaping your core political beliefs and specific attitudes regarding politics and the appropriate size and role of government? You must state at least one […]

linear perspective in the Italian Renaissance and the role of disegno (drawing/design).

discuss three works of art. Select at least two examples from the lectures on Linear Perspective in Practice and Disegno and Artistic Practice and compare both with an example from any of the previous lectures, discussing the use of perspective or the role of drawing. Be sure to think particularly about form – how does […]

Why Defunding the Polices

Argumentative Research Essay Assignment Prompt 50%Due Date: Sunday, March 14th at 11:59 p.m. to D2LYour second assignment, and the major assignment of this quarter, is an argumentativeresearch essay. While many of you might dread the images connotated by the wordresearch–envisioning stacks of articles, archaic books in the library, and long daysreading summaries on databases–research is […]

Passage Analysis Essay: A Pearl in the Storm

After spending time and giving attention to reading Tori Murden Mcclures memoir, you are probably becoming well informed about this book, what it presents to us and how it is organized.  We are getting not just the present feeling of going on the row with Tori, but we are getting the background, mostly in chronological […]

All Animals are Equal

You will first fairly and accurately summarize the authors argument (this is theThey say portion), and then engage in conversation with the author and his/herargument while presenting your own opinions on the subject (the I say portion). In the introduction of your essay, you will establish for your reader the essay you areresponding to, the […]

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